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Part 3: Let's play

Now that the app is complete, you are able to connect to your wallets and mint NFTs.

Run the app

To run your app, run the following command:

npm run dev

Upon completion, the app's UI will appear as shown:

The mint user interface section

Connect the wallet

Click the Connect wallet button and select a wallet to connect. The interface will appear as follows:

The connect wallet interface section

Review your information

Once connected to the wallet, you'll be able to view details such as your wallet address and balance:

interface section after connecting the wallet

Mint NFTs

Click the "mint an NFT" button. Its status will change to "Minting NFT...", and you'll be prompted to confirm the minting process.

mint comfirmation interface section

After minting, a pop-up window will appear on your interface displaying “Open Blockexplorer”. You can click the button and you can see your NFT transactions on TZKT, also you can also view your transactions on Better Call Dev by using your transaction hash. The interface will look like this:

The block-explorer interface section

Once finished, if you wish to mint another NFT, simply click the "Mint another NFT" button in the interface.

The mint-another-NFT interface section


Now you can use a web application to connect to a user's wallet, call a smart contract, and mint NFTs. If you want to expand your knowledge of NFTs, try the tutorial Build an NFT marketplace.