Tezos Documentation Portal

Welcome to the Tezos Documentation Portal. We're currently in beta. Please share your feedback to help us improve.

Tezos Blockchain Overview

Understanding what makes Tezos different and what you need to start building

Smart Rollups

Get started by deploying your own smart rollup with our onboarding tutorial

Tezos Basics

Get and Install Tezos

Get started with the Tezos client, Octez

Deploy your First Smart Contract

Deploy your first smart contract on Tezos

Tezos Protocol & Shell

Understanding the Tezos Protocol & Shell

Test Networks

Get started with testnets

Smart Contract Languages

Find out which language is for you

DeFi, NFTs and Gaming

Decentralised Exchanges

Learn about a fundamental DeFi use case

Create an NFT

Create your own NFT smart contract

Build an NFT Marketplace

Build a full marketplace from scratch

Tezos SDK for Unity

Read about our SDK for Unity

Coming Soon
Build a Game on Tezos

Build a game on Tezos from scratch

App Development

Build your first app

Build an app from scratch


Get started with Taquito in JS/TS


Find out about the importance of indexers

Wallets and Beacon SDK

Learn about wallets and interfaces

Framework Best Practices

Best practices for your app framework